Developer introduction

Developers willing to contribute to the QuantLib project should subscribe to the QuantLib-dev mailing list. Such list is where current and future developments are discussed; your contribution to the discussions, even if only an occasional one, will be useful.

Should you want to get more involved, there are a number of things you can do. Possibilities include:

Even if contributions were little, their cumulative effect would be a great help to improve the library. Moreover, each of the above are also ways to familiarize with the library (so that in time you'll become able to work on its internals) and to establish yourself as a trusted contributor. In the latter case, you might be granted write access to the Subversion repository tree.

Finally, we might need to ask for a disclaimer from your employer stating that your contribution can be released under the QuantLib license. Such disclaimer won't be necessary if you own the copyright of the code, but you might want to check that with your employer. An example of such disclaimer can be downloaded here, but you can write your own along the same lines if the wording doesn't suit your employer.